Customer Story: Parting Gift for a Co-Worker

Penny farthing bike lowball glass

I recently had the pleasure of helping Sabrina create the perfect gift for her co-worker, who was leaving her company to move onto better things. She discovered our lowball glasses while browsing Pinterest for gifts featuring a Penny Farthing Bike design.

The penny farthing is one of those old-timey bikes you would recognize from sepia toned photographs and grainy silent films, with men in large mustaches riding them in a sort of precarious way. These were the first machines to have been named "bicycles".

antique bicycle pint glass

Sabrina's coworker actually rides one of these antique bicycles all the time, which I think is adventurous and fun, so she thought a set of glasses would make a fitting parting gift for him before he left her company. The only problem was that we were sold out of those cocktail glasses, and the design had been retired. What could we do for an velocipede enthusiast?

This might have been the end of the story, but instead, it turned out to be Sabrina's lucky day. We still had a few different Penny Farthing cups in stock, and because this design was being cleared out, we were (and still are!) offering free personalizing on the backs.

penny farthing bicycle champagne flute

We selected a pair of champagne flutes, and were able to personalize them for her friend and his wife, using a font style that matched the spirals on the bicycle design. The perfect custom gift had been created!

They were etched later that day, packed in a sturdy white gift box, and Sabrina received them within 3 days.

"Thank you so much for the gorgeous champagne flutes! They are stunning and exactly what I envisioned. I can't wait to see their reactions, you wrapped them so beautifully. I look forward to buying from you again. Very, very nice work."

What a winning solution to the bike-loving coworker gift challenge!

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