Portland Night Market - Oct. 12 & 13 October 05, 2018 09:18

Portland Night Market

Portland Night Market

We're vending at the October Portland Night Market (it's our first time!), and we can't wait to stay up past our bedtime to party with you! Join the Facebook event for more details.

Oct 12th & 13th, 4pm-11pm
The Custom Blocks, 900-998 SE Main Street, Portland

We'll be slinging lots of new designs, plus select retired items at a discount.

New Dog Breeds: Pit Bull & Shiba Inu September 06, 2018 15:44

Pit Bull and Shiba Inu dog pint glasses


Fall in Love with these Sweet Companions

Has your household adopted all the furry companions it can handle? These Pit Bull and Shiba Inu pint glasses make great dog parent gifts, and they won't require any special training or cleaning up after. (They're even dishwasher-safe!)

I know that pet loss is a huge struggle too, and sometimes seeing a portrait of your beloved every day can ease the pain a bit. We can also make a custom portrait of your own pet in our modern simplistic style, for a $60 fee. Contact us for details.

My original terrier portrait is based on a goofy uncut pitbull with floppy ears, to make you feel cheerful every time you see it. The Shiba Inu also looks like its larger floofy cousin, the curly-tailed Akita.

Pit Bull Terrier

Shiba/Akita Inu

New Pink Mugs September 06, 2018 15:26

Pink Mugs Color Up Your Kitchen

All our new heart designs are making us all aflutter! We're simply glowing with excitement over these blushing pink mugs, complete with bone white interiors. Can't you just imagine these warming up your home or office space?

All our current designs are now available in this rosy pink "standard" mug. Click through each design listing and select "Standard Pink" from the dropdown menu to see a picture in that color.

New Color: Navy Blue Travel Mugs July 31, 2018 15:03

Navy blue nautical travel mug set

Deep Blue Mugs for the Deep Blue Sea

This new navy blue travel mug matches our other ceramic mugs (both Standard and Camp styles), so you can add it to your collection with confidence. The thinning of the glaze at the bottom of these mugs give it a slight ombre appearance.

This deep cobalt blue brings out the best in our constellation designs as well! High contrast colors really make the vibrant graphics pop.

Orion Constellation travel mug

New Sassy Llama Design July 31, 2018 13:05

Llama pint glasses


Our newest llama design is ready to get cozy with a bulky scarf.

A sassy llama (or is it an alpaca), has just joined our Unusual Pets Collection, with a giant heart to show her love of soft knitwear. These make great gifts for fiber-addicted friends!

Llama mugs

These llamas are available now in all handled mug and travel mug colors, pint glasses, lowball cocktail glassesshot glasses, champagne flutes, wine glasses, and stainless steel cups for all your indoor and outdoor beverage needs.

Customer Story: Camp Shannon glasses for a Cabin Upgrade July 12, 2018 12:58

One of my favorite things is creating custom drinkware for folks who are upgrading their entire collection at once. We get to make a big set of super fun cups, and I know that their home is going to be a million times cooler than it was, with an update that will be noticed every day.

Sometimes people want a batch of mix-and-match styles so everyone can tell their cups apart, and sometimes they want a big matching set. This recent project was the latter, and it's so perfect because the glasses went to a family's cabin, and feature a logo just for them!

Here's a picture of the Shannons, enjoying gin and tonics from their new glasses for the first time:

The Shannons and their gin and tonics

"I had Bread & Badger sandblast my own design onto drink glasses as a surprise for my husband’s birthday. Amanda’s helpful and enthusiastic attitude made the process so much fun! I had the glasses 2 days after I ordered them and they look amazing! Quality product + great service = happy customer!"

It's not every day that I get to work with another graphic designer, and Sara's art was nearly perfect when she sent it to me, which makes my job so easy (and also reduces the cost a bit for the custom stencil). A few little tweaks so it would show up best on her glasses and we were ready to start etching. Her logo is a picture of their cabin, surrounded by tall trees, and the words, "Camp Shannon", which is just perfect for an Oregon family cabin.

Does your family need it's own logo? Here's the mock up I sent Sara before we created her stencils, to make sure she liked the final design. She can even create a logo for you, if you want (contact me for details).

Camp Shannon mock up

Our schedule it often pretty flexible in the summertime, as we're working on new designs and planning out winter holiday stock, so it was fun to get to work on this right after Sara contacted me. Since she's just a few miles away from our Portland studio, her order arrived the day after we shipped it out, which is another great bonus for shopping local.

Want your own collection of glasses to update your kitchen or vacation house? Contact me now to tell me about what you're envisioning, even if you don't have your own design on hand. I can't wait to work with you!

Good doggies bring good cheer! June 15, 2018 12:40

Be Memorable: Corgi & Dachshund Mugs and Glassware

Our new Dog Lovers collection has just launched with two new pups, minus the slobbery kisses. These sweet Corgi and Dachshund cups make memorable gifts for dog parents celebrating a birthday, or getting through the loss of a beloved companion.

Our designs are permanently engraved, so they'll never wear away, even after many years of daily use and running through the dishwasher. Don't waste another dollar on cheap cups that will look terrible after awhile and be thrown away. And I know you don't have time for washing things by hand.

Corgi glassware

More dog breeds will be released soon, but you can always order our products with a portrait of your own pet instead, for $60. (Please allow at least a week or two for me to draw your pet, especially during summer vacation.)

Dachshund mugs

(503) Flash Sale May 02, 2018 14:46

We're celebrating Portland pride (503 is our area code) with a flash sale! Thursday is 5/3 so we're giving you 5% off your purchase of any 3 items from our website. Simply enter the code "503" at checkout.

Customer Story: Dog Portrait of Fela April 26, 2018 11:27

custom dog portrait glassware remember her forever

One of the first custom etching projects I ever worked on (maybe even the very first), was a hand-engraved dog portrait on a vase for a man who had lost his best friend and wanted something to commemorate their relationship. I drew his dog from a single photo, and when I handed it to him so he could see it in person for the first time, he cried. I'll never forget that moment, and the way it made me feel to be part of something so powerful.

I've long since wanted to do more pet portraits, especially since drawing animals has been my favorite past-time since I was in elementary school. I know how important pets are to their owners (I grew up with a dogs, cats, gerbils, rats, fish, and frequently rode horses and ponies at a neighbor's farm). I dread the days we have to say goodbye to our loves, but I know we can't live without them.

Fela dog portrait brandy snifter

When a customer recently asked me to draw a portrait of her boyfriend's 13yo dog, Fela, so that she could give him a gift that would make him melt, I couldn't wait to get stared.

Not only was Fela a cute dog, but she was so incredibly photogenic, I had a hard time choosing an image to use for her portrait. Every picture showed her smiling this wide, goofy grin. I finally settled on one and started sketching, digitally.

The entire drawing was created  in Inkscape, a freeware vector program I use to create my graphics for sandblasting. It's a lot like Adobe Illustrator, and I use it for nearly everything.

custom dog portrait glassware

I worked with my customer to get the image just as she'd pictured it, sending some digital mock ups of the design to her for critiquing. In just a few days, I had the finished design with Fela's name above it.

We shipped it out 7 days after she ordered, it even though I got the flu in the middle of everything! I'm not always able to get custom designs done this quickly, but it feels great to see a project through in one week. Having a helpful customer that can respond promptly to questions, knows exactly what they'd like, and has great photos, can all help a lot.

I heard that the recipient LOVED it, and I'm considering adding this design (or a similar version of it) to our stock designs. Contact me if you'd like something like this for yourself or a loved one!

Customer Story: Parting Gift for a Co-Worker April 09, 2018 14:19

Penny farthing bike lowball glass

I recently had the pleasure of helping Sabrina create the perfect gift for her co-worker, who was leaving her company to move onto better things. She discovered our lowball glasses while browsing Pinterest for gifts featuring a Penny Farthing Bike design.

The penny farthing is one of those old-timey bikes you would recognize from sepia toned photographs and grainy silent films, with men in large mustaches riding them in a sort of precarious way. These were the first machines to have been named "bicycles".

antique bicycle pint glass

Sabrina's coworker actually rides one of these antique bicycles all the time, which I think is adventurous and fun, so she thought a set of glasses would make a fitting parting gift for him before he left her company. The only problem was that we were sold out of those cocktail glasses, and the design had been retired. What could we do for an velocipede enthusiast?

This might have been the end of the story, but instead, it turned out to be Sabrina's lucky day. We still had a few different Penny Farthing cups in stock, and because this design was being cleared out, we were (and still are!) offering free personalizing on the backs.

penny farthing bicycle champagne flute

We selected a pair of champagne flutes, and were able to personalize them for her friend and his wife, using a font style that matched the spirals on the bicycle design. The perfect custom gift had been created!

They were etched later that day, packed in a sturdy white gift box, and Sabrina received them within 3 days.

"Thank you so much for the gorgeous champagne flutes! They are stunning and exactly what I envisioned. I can't wait to see their reactions, you wrapped them so beautifully. I look forward to buying from you again. Very, very nice work."

What a winning solution to the bike-loving coworker gift challenge!

New Whale Designs April 03, 2018 11:41

Share your Devotion to the Ocean

Our newest whale designs are here, spreading their good vibes from sea to shining sea.

An Orca and Humpback Whale have joined our Nautical Collection, with cheery hearts to express their fondness for each other, and your favorite drinks. Get one for yourself, and one for your best beach-loving friend.

These killer designs are available now in select sea-worthy mug and travel mug colors, pint glasses, lowball cocktail glasses, and shot glasses, for daily whale watching that doesn't require riding the waves.

Are They Dishwasher- and Microwave-Safe? March 06, 2018 10:05

Are Your Products Dishwasher- and Microwave-Safe?

Yes! All our glassware and ceramics are food-safe, and can be washed in a dishwasher, even sanitized! The design will never fade, wear, permanently stain, or scratch.

dishwasher-safe mugs and glasses

We recommend hand-washing silicone travel lids in case of warping, but occasional dish-washing on a normal cycle should be fine.

All of our ceramics are microwave-safe as well, and shouldn't get any hotter than any other microwave-safe cups. 

Our metal cups should definitely not go in a microwave (yikes!), but they are dishwasher-safe.

Even the highest quality sublimated or screen printed graphics will wear or scratch off of a cup when washed regularly. This is because ink is only stuck to the top surface of the item.

Sandblasting carves deeply, so the design on your favorite mug will always be as crisp and bold as the day you got it, even after many years of dishwasher cleaning!

Testimonial from a customer

What Does Sandblasting Look Like? March 06, 2018 09:44

There doesn't seem to be a lot of information about sandblasting online. This isn't because it's a heavily guarded secret--more that it's a classic production method, and it isn't in super high demand now that laser engraving and screen printing are so accessible.

But there are still many people who recognize the benefits of sandblasting over other etching techniques:

Bulk Discounts for Everyone March 05, 2018 12:44

Guess what!

We've just added bulk pricing to nearly our entire catalog.

FREE Personalizing (Select Items) February 22, 2018 15:13

Free personalizing select retired items while supplies last

We're doing something crazy we've never done before.

We're retiring a whole series of designs in order to make room for lots of new ones (birds, whales, and more!). Instead of putting these retired items on sale, we're letting you personalize them yourself, for free!

Browse all retired designs that include free personalizing, and choose between a stock design or short line of text to be etched onto the opposite side of the item from what's shown.

This is a savings of up to $16 per item!

This is an amazing opportunity to have a double-sided mug, or a set of custom glasses with names or wedding dates on the back, for just the regular item price!

You get the same high quality glassware or stoneware cups with our outstanding sandblasted designs (which will never wear away!) made to your specifications for a fraction of the normal price. It really doesn't get any better than that.

Since I know you're already really excited about this offer, I'm just going to remind you that these items will not last long, so don't miss out on your favorites.

We also just added bulk pricing to nearly our entire catalog, and these personalized items will also be discounted in the shopping cart when you add at least 4 at once. Bulk items do not need to match! Any items with bulk pricing displayed will become discounted when enough are in your cart.

(Check product descriptions for limitations.)

    Fresh Start February 18, 2018 14:13

    Notice anything different around here?

    I've been working non-stop to update our website with a fresh new look for 2018, and add some great new discounts for you.

    You should notice that many of our products now have a bulk pricing table that shows the discounts you can receive on your order based on the quantity of items you purchase at once. You can mix and match any items in our shop to get these price breaks! 

    I'm adding bulk pricing to just about everything in our store, but the discount will only be active on products that display the bulk pricing table.

    That means you could get a pair of pint glasses with different designs, plus a mug and a travel mug to get 10% off everything. 

    Wholesale shoppers

    You can now get our wholesale pricing right from our regular website listings, instead of going to a special area of our site! You'll need to meet our 24pc minimum to get wholesale pricing, but you can mix and match any items to get there, even stemware (which wasn't available for wholesale until now)! We've removed the Net30 payment option, so you'll need to contact me directly to input your order without paying up front, if you've established Net30 terms already and your account is in good standing.

    Buying in bulk, but can't meet our wholesale minimums? That's okay! We now offer 20% off orders of 12 items or more, so you can still get great discounts for your large order, right from our regular shop listings.

    Siska family

    Discontinued Designs & Free Customization

    So many of our designs have been around since we started this business 12 years ago. In order to freshen up the place, I'm retiring a great number of classic designs, so we can make room for new ones with a focus on nature and animal portraits.

    You'll notice lots of items now contain the text "Discontinued Design - While Supplies Last" in their description. We will not be restocking these in our shop, and the listings will disappear when they all sell out. I'll add them into their own collection so they're easier to find.

    Instead of putting these items on sale, I'm going to offer something new: free customization! Soon, you'll be able to add a line of text to the opposite side of many of these items for free, which is a savings of $16 per item. Contact me now if you just can't wait for this deal and want to reserve your favorites before they disappear.

    On the TV News December 23, 2017 08:45

    On the News with Amazon Prime Now!

    This holiday season, we were lucky enough to sell a select few products through Amazon Prime Now across the country. This meant that people could order our handmade products and have them delivered right to their door in just one hour! This was the first time that Amazon Prime Now had included Handmade at Amazon sellers, and I was really excited to offer this to our customers.

    To promote this Amazon feature, I was even invited to talk to the local media, here in Portland, Oregon. I was interviewed by KATU, and some of our products make it onto a segment on KOIN. Here are some links:

    2017 Year in Review, and the Day That Changed Everything December 15, 2017 14:07 3 Comments

    Dearest Badger Friends,

    I wanted to take this opportunity to say hello to you, and thank you for following our little company's progress. I used to write a detailed holiday newsletter to our close friends and families summarizing the year, but that tradition has fallen by the wayside while other things take precedence. Since most of my annual news usually relates to Bread and Badger, I thought maybe there would be some folks like you who would be interested in hearing our story too. This year had a lot of personal trials, so if you're into hearing about our personal lives, please read on.

    Last year began with a crazy emergency, on New Year's Eve. That day changed our lives forever. My husband and business partner, Sean, had a seizure for the first time in his life, while we were on vacation with some of our closest friends on the Oregon coast. This was both terrifying and shocking, but we were both extremely lucky that our friends were there to support us and help care for our young son during the emergency.

    We've both been recovering from this trauma for many months, as well as continuing to run our business and be parents. It's been a lot to juggle, especially since Sean wasn't legally allowed to drive for many months, and is still having to relearn the skill. We've been through depression, PTSD, massive anxiety, and a host of medical side-effects that are finally abating after many medication adjustments. It's like our lives were completely put on hold while we tried to find our new "normal", and we didn't know if we would ever succeed.

    Not only were we dealing with this big medical situation, but the politics of the country, and carryover from a previous trauma to our business were really killing my confidence. It's hard to run a business on a good day, but this year has made me rethink every single thing I thought I believed in. 

    The good news is that I feel like I've gone through a rebirth in my business. I've been questioning everything I do, and my motivations for doing them. I've questioned our product lines, our designs, our technique, our marketing, branding, colors, slogan, packaging, organization, location, management style, and basically every existential thing I can think of.

    What makes me happy?

    Why am I doing this?

    What do I really want?

    How do I get that?

    This year has been INTENSE. (And that's putting it extremely mildly. It's more like the universe swallowed me up, half digested me, and then puked me back down to earth in the midst of a forest fire.)

    Some more good news is that I feel like I'm finally honing in on what I want to do with my business (after first deciding that I wanted to continue running a business at all). I've finally figured out what questions I even need to ask myself to figure out what I should be doing next. Now, I'm working on answering those questions.

    Our business sales are about half what they were last year, which is one of the hardest things I've had to come to grips with, work-wise. I'm still trying to figure out what I could have done differently, and hoping to start some new things right away in 2018. 

    What does this mean for our business? Well, it means Bread and Badger can't afford to support our family anymore, since our income is basically zilch for 2017. Sean will have to get a job, and we will apply for food stamps. Christmas is very toned down this year. Our employee won't be getting a much-deserved bonus. We might move back to working from our garage instead of our glorious studio space. But I'm going to be laser-focused on marketing strategy next year and making sure that our products are better than ever!

    What does this mean for you, our customer? I'm going to be looking for a lot of feedback while I figure out how to better serve you. I'm all ears if you've got ideas. It also means our product lines might be changing quite a bit from what you've seen in the past. I may try new things that are awesome, or weird to you, or just plain terrible--and I'm going to want to know what you think! I'm going to need your help to spread the word, too. Because I can't do this alone.

    I want to keep running this business. It's my love and passion, and I feel like I've come too far to throw in the towel. I love making useful gifts for people. I love making custom art. I love vending at craft fairs. I just have to find a way to get paid while I do these things, and for this year, I've failed at that. Year 13 is going to be quite an adventure, and I can't wait to get started.

    December FREE SHIPPING Sale December 07, 2017 09:40

    Still shopping for holiday gifts? Don't worry--I am too! Right now, through December 31st we're offering a fantastic deal for you, to make your shopping easier:

    Spend $150 or more in our shop, and you'll get FREE standard shipping within the U.S.!

    All you need to do is add items to your cart, and the free shipping option will become available to you when you reach $150. (This option does not apply to wholesale orders.)

    Shop in Portland at Crafty Wonderland This Weekend December 07, 2017 09:23

    Crafty Wonderland's Holiday Sale
    Come shop from us in Portland, OR, at Crafty Wonderland's super colossal holiday sale this weekend! We'll have a wide selection of our best gifts, so you can leave with something for everyone on your list. Shop early (there's an exclusive ticketed preview night, if your'e serious), because we will sell out of things fast.
    Please note that we are in Hall A this year for the first time, which is on the northwest corner of the Convention Center. Don't wear yourself out walking in the wrong direction! Here's a handy map to find our booth quickly (we're sandwiched between our friends, Muluk and Molly Muriel):
    Crafty Wonderland winter 2017 map

    Featured on Shipstation November 10, 2017 16:06

    Sean and Amanda at Bread and Badger
    You probably know that we're a small business, run by Amanda and Sean Siska, but did you ever want to know more about our operations? Check out this in-depth feature of our process over on the ShipStation blog:
    ShipStation is one of the online solutions that integrates with our multiple sales channels, so that we can ship through multiple carriers and get packages out to our customers as fast and efficiently as possible. We love them!

    Holiday 2017 Shipping Deadlines November 05, 2017 00:00

    The holidays are upon us, and our most frequently asked question is "will this get to me by Christmas?" so here are our important dates for Christmas delivery.

    We ship nearly every weekday between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please keep in mind that there are no guarantees that your package will arrive by these dates, as all carriers experience weather delays and unforeseen obstacles at this time of year. We promise to ship your package quickly and securely, but once it leaves our studio, delivery times are out of our hands.

    Shipping to the USA

    • Dec. 17th - Fedex Ground (standard shipping for most orders more than 4 items)
    • Dec. 19th - USPS Priority Mail (standard shipping for most orders 4 items or less, or an available upgrade option for some orders)

    Overnight Options

    • Contact us immediately with your phone number to pay for these upgrades.
    • Express Mail not overnight, but takes 1-2 days. Costs $37+ 
    • Standard Overnight - via Fedex. Costs $52+

    Shipping Internationally

    • These dates are estimates only, as there could be delays going through customs. Please be prepared to pay additional customs/duties fees at your local post office. Unclaimed packages that are returned to us will not have shipping charges refunded.
    • Dec. 10th - most First Class Mail to Canada takes 10 business days, and Priority Mail upgrades to other countries should take 6-10 business days.
    • Dec. 3rd - First Class Mail to most other countries usually take 2-4 weeks to arrive, but the USPS does not guarantee any delivery time for international shipping.

    Black Friday Deals and More for 2017! November 03, 2017 00:00

    S'mores campfire mugs

    Deals Right Now

    Want to get a head-start on your shopping? Right now, you can get free standard shipping on your order of $75 or more (U.S. shipping addresses only). This deal only runs through Cyber Monday, so don't wait! We also have some good deals in our sale section, while supplies last.

    Holiday Charity Event!

    It's that time of year again when everyone is hollering about their Black Friday Sales, but I've been thinking hard about this, since I'd really like to have a bigger impact on helping others in a meaningful way. Our family has struggled with financial, medical, and emotional strain this year, and I know there are so many that have it so much harder than us. That's why I'm doing something to give back.

    Instead of offering our standard 10% discount the day after Thanksgiving (Nov. 24th), we're going to be donating 10% of our online profits to UNICEF. We're hoping that this contribution will do some good in the world for children who can't help themselves, and promote the idea of giving this season.

    Small Business Saturday, Nov. 25th

    Our studio will be open to the public on Small Business Saturday from 10am-2pm for our local friends who'd like to browse our full warehouse. We'll give you a choice between taking a discount, or donating to UNICEF with your purchase, plus there will be FREE gifts to take home with your purchase!

    Find us at 12003 NE Ainsworth Circle, Suite 109 (on the eastside of the building with Caper's Cafe), Portland, OR.

    Meet Your Maker - Interview on Urban Craft Uprising October 19, 2017 11:09

    great outdoors collection mugs

    We have an interview up on the Urban Craft Uprising blog, so you can get to know us before shopping in Seattle in December!

    Read about our hopes and struggles as a small handmade business, our biggest fan, and the ways our focus has shifted this year.

    October Popup Shop October 04, 2017 14:11

    Halloween mugs

    October Popup Shop!

    Shop with us in a relaxed setting during our Pop-Up Shop Sale! Come to our studio Thursday October 19th from 10am–2pm to get 20% off all in-stock merchandise and at least 50% off clearance items!

    We'll have some door prizes for you, while they last, and the opportunity to shop our samples and seconds (which are not available online).

    We're in Portland at 12003 NE Ainsworth Circle, in Suite #109, which is on the east side of the building (Caper's Cafe and Arcpoint Labs are on the other side). 

    Join our Facebook Event so we know you're coming, and please share it with friends to spread the word about us!

    Fall Pop-Up Shop Sale at our Studio! September 22, 2017 14:49

    Fall Pop-Up Shop Sale!

    Shop with us in a relaxed setting during our Pop-Up Shop Sale! Come to our studio Friday & Saturday, Sept 29th & 30th from 10am–2pm both days, to get 20% off all in-stock merchandise and at least 50% off clearance items!

    We'll have light refreshments, and some extra special treats for you, while they last.

    We're in Portland at 12003 NE Ainsworth Circle, in Suite #109, which is on the east side of the building (Caper's Cafe and Arcpoint Labs are on the other side).

    Join our Facebook Event so we know you're coming, and please share it with friends to spread the word about us!

    New Stainless Steel Tumblers - in 2 unbreakable sizes! September 22, 2017 14:21

    Our newest product line is a series of camping cups, made from stainless steel! These unbreakable tumblers are dishwasher-safe, and perfect for young kids, outdoor parties, camping, sporting events, and for keeping at the cabin or in your RV.

    If you hate plastic cups as much as we do, then you'll be finding new uses for these every day. Bring a box of wine and a stack of these 12oz cups to your next book club. Get a 16oz size with a silicone lid to enjoy your iced coffee on the go. It's easier to clean than a water bottle!

    Select designs are now available on our website. 

    • $18 - 12oz tumbler
    • $20 - 16oz tumbler
    • $23 - 16oz tumbler with a lid

    Shout out from Magpie September 12, 2017 12:07

    I just opened my email today and saw that one of our all-time favorite shops, Magpie, in Somerville, MA was interviewed in Scout Somerville magazine! They even mentioned us and our cups, which was really cool to see.

    “One of the things I really like about the store is the relationships you have with the artists,” Sakowski affirms. “I’m at the kids’ store most of the time now … but there’s some artists who we’ve been selling for a decade.” He points to the colorful faux-taxidermy by Horrible Adorables, or Shara Porter’s hand-printed wallets, or Bread and Badger’s sandblasted glass mugs. Local artists who move out of town stay in touch; visiting artists make a point to stop by the shop when they roll through town. “You feel like you know these people in a way,” he adds. “It’s just nice.”

    Magpie is one of the very first shops we ever sold our wares at, about 11yrs ago, when I was engraving each item by hand with a rotary tool. I'm so happy to see them win awards for Best Gift Shop and Best Kids Shop.

    Read the article here.

    New Great Outdoors Collection July 06, 2017 10:31

    Great Outdoors Camping Collection
    Our newest design collection celebrates adventurous exploration in the great outdoors! If you love camping, boating, hiking, or just cooking s'mores over a campfire, we've got the perfect gift for you! These new designs pair nicely with our constellations and trees.

    New Zodiac Constellation Designs! May 19, 2017 13:45

    Zodiac constellation mugs

    Looking for an elegant and useful birthday gift? Our Zodiac Constellation mugs and glassware are for you! Each zodiac design features a star map, the zodiac sign symbol, and the constellation name (so there's no guessing).

    Spring Cleaning Sale! May 03, 2017 00:00

    Spring Cleaning Sale!
    We're making room for an enormous amount of new products and designs by clearing out some older products. Get 'em while they last, at BIG DISCOUNTS!

    Camp Mugs March 13, 2017 13:58

    ceramic camp mugs

    Looking for something a bit rustic for an outdoorsy gift? Our ceramic Camp Mugs are for you, and they come with any of our stock designs etched onto them.

    Rustic camp mugs make a great dad gift, especially for outdoorsy men! These extremely thick coffee mugs look like the enamelware mugs that are sold for camping, but these are solid stoneware, so they're great for everyday use at home.

    Egg Nog color is available only as a single sample. Some are white inside, and some match the outside color. Look through all color photos to see each option.

    Just Released: 7 NEW Designs! November 18, 2016 13:20 1 Comment

    We've been busy badgers over here, and are super excited to announce the release of SEVEN new designs for mugs and pint glasses! (Other products will be made with these designs upon request, but may not be online until January).



    If this saguaro cactus proves popular, I'd love to add more plants and succulents to our designs.


    This chrysanthemum could also be joined next year my other beatiful blossoms if people like them.


    Technically a reissue of an old design we stopped offering, this is one of the original designs I used to hand engrave onto items with a dental drill.


    These fascinating ant-eaters are endangered, and deserve to be recognized!


    Seasonally appropriate, since winter is coming! This is also sort of a reissue, since I revamped an old stencil I used to put on shot glasses years ago.


    Another reissue of an old design we stopped offering, but one I always loved. I used to hand engrave onto items with a dental drill, so each tree was different. This time, the trees on pint glasses and travel mugs are taller and narrower than the squat trees on handled mugs. I'd love to do more tree varieties in the future too!

    Gourmet Gift Box Sets are here for the holidays! November 18, 2016 12:35

    We've spent the past few months getting together some of our favorite edible treats from local purveyors to offer you a duper fun new solution for gifting! We have 3 exclusive gourmet gift box sets, for a limited time: Coffee, Tea, and Hot Cocoa.

    Each set comes with your choice of sandblasted mug from our collection, and all are packed in classy white gift boxes, ready to give, or put under the tree with a bow!

    Click through to each listing to learn more about the tea, cocoa on a stick, coffee, and caramels that are included.

    New Mug Colors! November 16, 2016 10:37

    We now have Yellow Gold and Black handled coffee mugs available, which you can request with any of our regular stock designs. We can even customize them for you!

    New Pumpkin Spice Mugs are here! October 13, 2016 11:30

    New Pumpkin Mugs

    Pumpkin Mugs are Here!

    We know you love your pumpkin spice lattes, and pumpkin pie, and yes, pumpkin smoothies, so we've made a mug to celebrate this delicious autumn tradition. Made to order on handled mugs, or any of our available products.