Sandcarved Drinkware

for comfort & integrity

New for Summer 2024

We're here for your comfort.

Because being at home should feel safe and cozy. It should be lighthearted and playful.

Your daily routine should bring you warm fuzzies and leave you refreshed. 

We're here for a lifetime.

You're resilient too, and we're by your side for the long haul.

We're delivering caffeine to your mornings and serving up soothing beverages to unwind in the evenings.

We're here to improve the little things.

Amanda Siska holding a printed transparency used for making sandblasting stencils
Bread and Badger masking a mug to prep it for sandblasting

Each engraving begins with an original drawing. I print each graphic onto transparency film, which is exposed in a lightbox, then pressure-washed to become a self-adhesive resist.

Sandblasting deeply engraves a glass surface to create a textured dimensional graphic, and carves through the glaze of a mug, exposing the bare ceramic beneath.

I sandblast each item in a professional cabinet, with reusable silicon carbide abrasive and heavy duty air filtration.