We've Moved!

old warehouse space

Last month, we said good-bye to our much-beloved warehouse and showroom near the airport on Ainsworth Circle. This space has been the homebase of Bread and Badger for 4 years, and we've gotten to know some of our local customers (and visitors from out of town!) who were able to visit us in person here.

We've taken the big leap of growing small, by shrinking down and moving everything back to our home in SE Portland. We're occupying our entire 2-car garage, plus multiple rooms of our house. We won't be able to accept visitors at our residence, so please shop from our website, or save on shipping by buying from local retailers who carry our work, or from us directly at an event.

We've also had to let go our long-time friend and production assistant, Jay. This has been such a sad loss for our business, since he was truly the best helper, and I couldn't have done it without him these past few years. (If you're looking for an employee with a perpetually positive attitude and attention to detail, I'll send him your way!)

What does this mean for you?

Well, not much will change if you shop from us online. We're still shipping orders daily, and I still accept custom requests when I have time. It does mean that my time is more limited, however, so my design work will book up fast if you want something personalized. 

Contact me right away if you're thinking of ordering something customized for an upcoming holiday or event, even if it's months away. I usually don't accept any custom orders between Black Friday and Christmas.

We used to make any stock item to-order daily, so we could ship just about anything within 24hrs. This has changed a bit now that I'm doing production myself (with help from my husband, Sean, during the winter). Many items will be sold out and restocked as we're able to make things, so if you see what you want  available online, order it before it disappears! It could take us a few weeks, or even months, to stock them again.

I'm also going to be discontinuing large portions of our catalog on a regular basis now, to keep designs fresh. So even if a design is relatively new, we may only make a limited quantity of them, with no plans to restock. Again, if you see what you want online, order it!

What does this mean for wholesale buyers?

Mostly, it means that your order could take longer than usual for us to fulfill, since our production time is limited, as is our warehouse space. Order as early as possible before holidays. Lead time could be 3-6 weeks for wholesale orders in fall/winter.

If you'd like your order shipped fastest, please shop from our website and select only items that are in stock (instead of retired items, made to order.) We'll remove the ability to purchase out of stock items during our busiest seasons (they'll be listed as "Sold Out" on the site), so you'll need to contact me directly about their availability.

Thank you for supporting us over the 12 years we've been in business, and all the changes we've been through!

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