Tea Leaves and Coffee Beans

Tea Leaves mug

Our latest collection is ready to launch! I've worked hard to create a pair of highly stylized designs that trail around straight-sided cups like they're drifting gently on a warm breeze. These leaves and beans will guide you to beverage bliss whether you're craving something steamy or frosty.

Our effervescent Coffee Beans will bring you to peak productivity while reminding you to go with the flow on select coffee mugs or pint glasses.

If you're a tea drinker or a plant lover, our Tea Leaves design will inspire you to flourish where you're planted on camp mugs, pints, lowballs, or stemless wine glasses.

Coffee Beans pint glass

These cups look great from all angles, so lefties and righties can both enjoy them, and there's no "wrong" way to hold them. The etching itself also provides a textured grip around the entire vessel for more secure handling. This is especially nice when drinking cold beverages from a slippery glass covered in condensation on a hot day.

We're offering a special introductory price of $5 off these new wraparound designs until August 14th. Some camp mugs are in very limited supply, so shop now to get your favorite color while they last.

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