Pottery for Introverts

chicken tumbler on top of a bee mug

We’ve had a lot of requests recently for smaller mugs, and we delivered!

Our new line is called the Introvert Collection because these mugs and tumblers we inspired by literary figures Colette, and Mary Oliver.

They hold roughly 12oz of liquid comfort, and contour to your hand in the most soothing way. Even though the speckled clay can be a bit rough, we've sanded down the bottoms so they're smooth to the touch.

These new pottery vessels were made for us by Punctuation Ceramics which is the passion project of Charlotte Deason Robillard, a community college English professor who makes ceramics inspired by her love of literature, vintage textiles, and the beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

Charlotte made all these pieces by hand on a pottery wheel a few miles from us in Southeast Portland, then I finished them off by engraving some of my smaller designs through the glaze layer. Purchasing these cups supports two small Portland artists at once!

They are (of course!) dishwasher- and microwave safe.

The handled mugs have a duplicate design on both sides, so they look good from all angles. The tumblers have no handles, and a design engraved on only one side.

Since these cups are smaller and curvier than our Farmhouse and Forest collections, designs are limited by which stencils will fit onto them without warping and creasing. I'll be adding some NEW new designs soon, but for now, check out this small batch of introductory design options:

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