Our first stickers are here!

Cozy up with a good book, a hot drink, and our new Bookworm stickers!

I'm all about trying new things this year, like designing fun stickers. These vinyl decals are for indoor or outdoor use, and measure just under 3" tall. We have a small amount of Bookworms available now, with more of our most popular designs on the way.

Working in color is an exciting adventure, since I'm used to creating all our graphics in white only, with carefully calculated negative space. Color and shading is a whole new world for me, and I'm in smitten.

I might create some large transfer stickers in all white, since they'd look great on your car window that way, but I've also got rainbow holograms in the works too. Leave a comment to tell me what sticker designs (and colors!) you're most excited about seeing.

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