New Lower Prices!

Octopus camp mug with berry grunt

Hey, friend!

Since we moved Bread and Badger back to our home, I've been putting a lot of my energy into finding ways to update our production methods, and lower our costs so that our incredible customers like you can get a better deal on the deluxe drinkware we offer.

Our cups are fun, sturdy, and make people happy when they use them everyday at work and at home. Our custom pet portraits are more popular than ever, and there are many more animal designs I plan to offer. I want more people to be able to enjoy these things while savoring their beverages.

Shiba Inu pink mug

Shipping costs continue to rise every year, but we've lowered ours to $4.99 or less for most orders. By moving back home, I've lowered our overhead dramatically, which puts our products within reach of more people. Now we can all spread the love of quality dishware widely with our friends and families.

In order to keep our prices down, I'm limiting the range of products we'll keep in stock, which is why so many things are on clearance right now. Our garage has limited storage space, and I can only make a small number of things every day while maintaining our daily shipping schedule, and also being a mom. But by focusing on making things that make me most happy, I'm also serving you with the very best of what Bread and Badger has to offer, at the very best price. Thank you for all your support!

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