Just Released: 7 NEW Designs!

We've been busy badgers over here, and are super excited to announce the release of SEVEN new designs for mugs and pint glasses! (Other products will be made with these designs upon request, but may not be online until January).



If this saguaro cactus proves popular, I'd love to add more plants and succulents to our designs.


This chrysanthemum could also be joined next year my other beatiful blossoms if people like them.


Technically a reissue of an old design we stopped offering, this is one of the original designs I used to hand engrave onto items with a dental drill.


These fascinating ant-eaters are endangered, and deserve to be recognized!


Seasonally appropriate, since winter is coming! This is also sort of a reissue, since I revamped an old stencil I used to put on shot glasses years ago.


Another reissue of an old design we stopped offering, but one I always loved. I used to hand engrave onto items with a dental drill, so each tree was different. This time, the trees on pint glasses and travel mugs are taller and narrower than the squat trees on handled mugs. I'd love to do more tree varieties in the future too!

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  • Sabrina Faircloth

    I got your heart mug as a Christmas present because I’m in the “cardiac business” and I would like to know if you would consider doing an anatomical brain? I have a brain surgeon for a friend and was thinking this would be a great gift. Thank you in advance!

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