Hand-Blown Glassware

Do you love iced tea? This rustic pint-glass-sized tumbler is blown by hand in Portland Oregon by a local artisan. We engraved our original Tea Leaves design onto the glass so that it wraps around the cup and will never wear away.

We have only 2 available (sold separately) in the Smoke color, or you can preorder Teal, Amethyst, and Black Cherry before they arrive. Preorders should ship around April 26th. If you'd like larger quantities, or colors that are sold out, please contact us to arrange.

Smoke, Teal, Amethyst, Merlot glass colors

Each cup is permanently colored throughout the glass, so it won't flake or wear off the way cheap glasses from home goods stores do. The glass is colored with oxides or powders during its molten state, so its completely safe for drinking. Hand-washing is recommended by the glass-blower, but we've found our dishwasher has treated ours kindlyjust do not run on the sanitation cycle!

The way light shines and refracts through the smoky glass at different thickness points is stunning to see. Because they are blown by hand, each glass will vary in size and shape, but pints should hold about 16oz, and lowballs 10oz. Small bubbles and bands of varying density are seen throughout.

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