Farmhouse Mugs

Our new line of mugs has been months in the making, and I'm so proud to finally offer them to you! These are launching in very limited quantities this weekend, so make sure you're subscribed to our mailing list to get a special coupon and to be notified when they're live on the site.

I've worked with a local potter (Ruby Farms Pottery) to design the perfect mugs for me to sandcarve my original graphics onto, and really highlight both of our creative processes.

Each handmade mug is lovingly formed on a potter's wheel from red clay, glazed, and kiln-fired just a few miles from the Bread and Badger studio in Portland, Oregon. We're proud that these are made in the USA and support two American small businesses at once.

The beauty of these pottery pieces are in their rustic shapes and exposed clay, which will match any kitchen. The black glaze has a satin finish, while the white is more of a semi-gloss. Each mug is unique, and will have visible signs of being handmade such as small bumps, signs of fingerprints, and other features which we don't consider to be flaws. The deeply engraved areas have crisp edges, and show off the bare stoneware beneath.

Designs shown are Deep Breath, Coffee Beans, and Tea Leaves, (click to see these on other mug styles) but we can put any stock images from our catalog on these, either single or double-sided for the same price.

It's been such a pleasure to work with another (did I mention local?) human on a new line like this, and I hope you enjoy these perfect mugs as much as I do.

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