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Our Cascade Collection is a playful collaboration with Chelsie Corey of The Whistling Octopus. She makes these mugs (and now planters!) for us by shaping flat sheets of clay into organic straight-sided vessels, and paints on beautiful glazes. The colors react in unpredictable ways as they're fired: blending, shifting, and dripping down the sides in a range of blue, red, purple, green, and bronze.

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This is our second batch of pottery from Chelsie, so these items are a little bit different from our test batch. The new mugs are a little taller, holding roughly 16oz each, and the handles are larger and flatter to accommodate a whole hand snuggling against the mug. The blue-green glaze is also more green this time, which feels more aquatic so it seemed only fitting to put nautical cat critters on them!

We still have a few of the first batch mugs left, so you'll notice both colors and styles listed together in our shop. If you'd like your mugs to match, we can make any designs on the new green or purple mugs by request. Planters are extremely limited quantity--I only have 2 of each color!

Remember to enter coupon code "Cascade10" at checkout for any of the mugs and planters in this collection by Thursday, August 12th.

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