Cascade Collection Mugs

Cascade Collection mugs with Ginkgo and Tea Leaves

Our newest mug collection has just been released, and it's pure magic. This is called the Cascade Collection for obvious reasons (the dripping colors pouring down from the tops of each mug), and also because they're made locally in our beautiful Cascade Mountain region of the Pacific Northwest.

Three Sisters Mountains Cascade Mug

Each mug is shaped by the hands of ceramicist Chelsie Corey. She rolls out flat sheets of clay, then uses a cardboard stencil made from a pink donut box to cut out the shapes of each mug form. She checks on them for days while they dry, lovingly reshaping each one as necessary to keep them perfect for your hot beverages.

Each mug gets a base layer of black glaze applied all over the white clay, then a reactive glaze of either purple or blue green is applied around the top so that it drips down. Each mug will be a little different, with it's own character shining through.

The cascades of color on each mug remind me of the dancing Aurora Borealis. My absolute favorite thing about these mugs are the bright little flecks of color within the drips. Purple shows a range of blues, reds, and plum hues, flowing like the darkening sky at twilight. Blue shifts between indigo, teal, and a kelp-y green that looks like a wave sliding down a tropical shore. No two will ever be alike.

I engrave each of these special mugs with my original artwork, which wraps around the whole outside, or else features a duplicate design on each side. These are time-consuming to make so the price is higher than our other mugs, and quantities are quite limited. These are a special treat for yourself or make a memorable gift for a friend.

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