Black Friday Sales 2022

Happy Holidays!

I’m sorry to say that we're not planning a big sale this year for Black Friday or Cyber Monday because inventory is so limited and costs keep going up. Bread and Badger supports other small businesses, and in order to keep doing that without raising prices constantly, we have to reign in our discounts at times like this.

We’ve teamed up with some excellent small businesses to offer 15% off coupons in orders purchased throughout the holidays. These coupons will be good in all our shops through the beginning of January, so you can discover some new favorites. You must purchase from one of the participating shops to receive a coupon for your next order, so get started with your holiday gift shopping now!

We also send out 15% off coupons when you leave a positive review for our shop, so please share some nice words for a discount off your next order.

You can also get a 10% off coupon for joining our newsletter--just select the topics you're interested in hearing about.

I’ll be vending at Crafty Wonderland on Dec. 9th-11th (get your tickets now!), where everything will match our website pricing, so don’t hesitate to shop early online, since stock is limited.

Thank you, as ever, for supporting our small business!

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