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Great Products, Great People

We have gotten glass wear and super cute stickers. Quick shipping, great products, greater people!

great product and service!

Very pleased with my new mug and the quick and kind response to my question about dishwasher safety. Very positive experience with Bread and Badger!

Excellent service, excellent product

I got the beautiful, deep blue mug for a friend's birthday. It had a very nice rendering of a constellation that had special meaning for my friend. It was not just printed. It was incised. Clearly higher quality than most mugs. I had a question and the owner was very quick and helpful in the response.

Great service, great product!

My order arrived in record time; everything was beautifully packaged and in great condition. I love my new glasses and look forward to using them for many years to come. Great job, Amanda!

Perfect gift, great to work with!

I ordered a mug as a gift for my boyfriend. It is the perfect gift and looks great! The mug shipped so quickly! I'll definitely buy from Bread and Badger again!


We recently moved to a home with an actual, official wet bar, so we needed some actual, official cocktail glassware. The bar area decorations are mountain themed and we're the proud people of a beautiful pibble, so the Mt. Rainier and Pit Bull cocktail glasses were the perfect Christmas gift for my husband. I was bummed not to see Bread and Badger at the Seattle UCU this December, but ordering online instead went really smoothly (and may have provided an even bigger range of designs), and the glasses shipped quickly and were both securely and attractively packaged. Cheers to a great product and artist!

Bread and Badger ROCKS!

Love these products for gifts and personal use. Well crafted, hold up through many uses. Unique/ quirky designs allow you find items that 'speak to you,' and personalization is available. Customer service is awesome and correspondence feels like you are talking to a personal friend!

Bread and Badger

I love the creations Amanda designs! No project is too small or too large. I am a frequent flyer of “individual designs”. Amanda never disappoints! Spectacular artistry l!!

Great, Long-Lasting Products!

We have a mug that we lovingly refer to as the "Cat-stronaut" mug that we have had for YEARS and because it is sand blasted and not just painted on, it has stayed in good condition after all this time. It goes through the dishwasher and gets used most weekends, and it is still looking good! The workmanship here is great and supporting a small business as sweet as this one feels great! We also have a pint glass from them and some travel mugs, and ALL are fantastic! Can't recommend highly enough, you will not be disappointed!

My Fave!

I have both mugs and pint glasses from Bread and Badger, and they are by far my most favorite cups in my cupboard! I love the unique designs, and the mug size is perfect for my morning cup of coffee. Wonderful products!!

So Fantastic and Super Cool!

We have been collecting Bread and Badger products for almost 10 years. They are extremely high quality and they look just as great today as when we purchased them, even with daily use in and out of the dishwasher. We are up to 18 pieces so far and have gifted many other items as well. Amanda is amazing! We have collaborated on several custom designs and she is excellent to work with. We love this shop! Highly Recommend!!

My favorite small business!

I was introduced to Bread &Badger a few years ago when they were just getting started. Since then I have collected various mugs and glasses. They are so wonderful I have also given some as gifts - to very happy recipients! I love the whimsical designs! Whatever drink you’re putting in them - it all tastes better in a Bread &Badger cup or glass! They have been delivered promptly, come in perfect condition, and have held up perfectly as if new. They put a smile on my face every day! 🥰
Thank you!

The Best!

I’ve been using Bread and Badger products for over a decade and I can tell you they are amazing! I actually worked for them for about 8 years so I can tell you from the inside and the outside what a great little company it is. They really care about their customers, the designs are fantastic, and the products are both durable and adorable. Plus they have stuff for all genders which is fairly unusual for handmade items.

Handcrafted cool glassware for everyday

I've been buying Bread and Badger goods for about 10 years. You need something to hold your liquids, right? Why not make it super cool? I'll never forget when I was a meeting at my new job and one of the company owners was IMing the other... turns out my Bread and Badger squid coffee cup was the object of envy.
The service, the shipping, the product are all great. I like my art like I like my food, fresh and local--even though I'm far from local anymore. It feels good to support a small business too.

Great designs and top notch quality

I received my first Bread & Badger glass from a secret Santa gift exchange last year. All the person knew about me was that I liked cats, space and cocktails. They gifted me with the Astrocat highball glass and I instantly fell in love!
I have since gotten that design on a Bread & Badger mug and also purchased the coasters and 2 more highball glasses with one of the new cat designs.
I cannot say enough about the quality and creativeness of Bread & Badger! A great small business to support!

The best place to get your soon-to-be-favorite mugs and glasses!

Beautiful designs on sturdy, well-made ceramic and glassware. We have 2 coffee mugs from Bread and Badger, and it seems like they are always dirty, because they get used as soon as they are clean! Always well-packaged and shipped promptly. Simply the best.

Pint Glasses

We purchased an assortment of the pint glasses; now everyone can tell which is theirs. We liked them enough that we convinced my company to buy some customized pint glasses for the group. We use them every day.

Wonderful Glasses!

I have purchased two sets of glasses and was very pleased! Wonderfully etched, carefully packed, and quickly shipped. I can't wait to order more!

Favorite custom orders ever!

Amanda is awesome to work with! I wanted custom mugs of our log house. We mixed in some of Bread and Badger designs in with mine and we absolutely love how they turned out! Also came back for another set of custom house glasses for our friends who just got married and bought a house - they might have cried a little upon receiving them. ;) Love the quality and great customer care Amanda gives, especially trying to meet short time frames! Highly recommend!!

Best. Gifts. Ever.

I've bought from Amanda since she started her business. Mostly gifts but recently treated myself to a set of beer glasses. My two favorite gifts were custom. One was a ball of yarn and knitting needles on pink and green mugs. Two etched sailboat on a set of glasses for my sister and brother-in-law. It was a replica of the sailboat they were on for their honeymoon. Amanda is terrific and so are her products!

Simply the best!

I can’t even tell you how amazing Amanda is and her shop! All of her communication is professional and helpful. She’s also up for any task and has helped me so often. I love her mugs so much! Make sure to purchase as many as you can 😀

Astronaut Love.....I Love It!

This is my favorite mug of all time. If you are a baby from the 60's and this year being the 50'th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Launch, you will love this mug. I've had it for a few years now and it is my every morning "it makes me happy" mug. It looks as perfect as the day I received it. The etching is beautiful and the color is still true. No chips, no dings! I've ordered at least 8 or so more (all sorts of fun designs) for friends and family. They were shipped well packed, and arrived safe and sound. Go take a peek...some day I'm going to get the Astronaut Kitty, the Moon and Stars and the Rocket Ship mugs. It will be perfect! (The Astronaut Love and Rocket Ship Mug are in the Retired Designs Made to Order Category....Yay! ...that you can still get them! I've personally emailed back and forth with Amanda a few times regarding an order here and there and the Customer Care was outstanding.

Amazing Designs & Quality!

I am one of those folks who likes quirky conversation pieces....and then I found Bread & Badger! Our cocktail parties are the thing of legend, party because our mixers include interesting bar ware that gets folks chatting! The spaced out Astronaut cat, mustache, Bumble Bees, Narwhals all get folks to open up and smile. GREAT HOLIDAY GIFTS FOR THE PARTY PEOPLE ON YOUR LIST!

I love these mugs

I have no memory of how I came across the great company & their adorable ceramics. But I waited patiently for a sale & ordered a set of dinosaur coffee mugs for our family and a set of astronaut hi-ball glasses as an engagement gift for some friends. They are all SO great. Our friends loved the glasses and we've been using the mugs for about 5 years now and they still look new.

Long-lasting sand-blasting

Love Bread & Badger products! They last forever because the designs don't fade and they hold up perfectly in the dishwasher/microwave. My happy mug place.