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Great product, fast shipping

Very pleased with my experience. Great product with substantial etching and a sturdy glass. Shipping was fast and packaging was great - kept everything safe. I would definitely order from this maker again.

A Perfect Brew: My New Favorite Mug from Bread and Badger

I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase of The Song of Significance Mug from Bread and Badger! As a beekeeper and an ardent fan of Seth Godin's work, this mug feels like it was made just for me. It arrived impeccably packaged, ensuring its safety, and has quickly become one of my favorite coffee mugs, filled with special meaning that perfectly aligns with my passions.


I received my bee mug as a gift. My morning coffee in my bee mug brought such joy I had to buy one as a gift to share the joy!
Thank you for sharing your passion and and your talent. Each mug is a beautiful piece of art that I know is crafted with love!

Bread and Badger
Crystal V.
Steel Bridge Beauty

I’ve already gotten myself a mug, a planter and some glass ware but then I saw the Steel Bridge during the spring preview and knew it would be another well loved mug in my collection! Job well done Amanda, this is Awesome !!!

The Best

When I broke my wife's cherished Llama Mug, I knew times were going to get rough. She used that mug every day. At 6am, I personally fill it with lovingly crafted pourovers, using single-origin beans from a local roaster. The thought of having to use (gasp!) a different mug for this ritual... umm... well... just... no. She'd bought this mug at a coffee shop in Boulder, Colorado years ago, and they had nothing like it when we went back. The size was perfect for 350ml of coffee and half & half, with the walls just the right thickness to hold temperature without being overly clunky or heavy. Fortunately, we were able to find the Bread and Badger logo on the bottom of the broken chalice, which led us to Amanda's site. Perusing the wares, were disappointed to find that the Llama Mug was no longer. So close, yet so, so far away. Fortunately, we did find similar vessels, and when I contacted Amanda directly, she said she could definitely recreate what we had so recently lost. Our hearts were overjoyed. I ordered second mug in another design, and nary a week later, we received a well-packed, tastefully done, two-pack of beautiful coffee mugs. All praise be to Amanda and Bread & Badger for handmaking truly cool stuff in these times of disposable and forgettable facsimiles!

Unique, well made and so shroomy!

I love this hand made, OOK ceramic planter: cool minty color, slightly irregular handmade style, and of course the amazing mushroom design.


Love the mug, color gradient is rad and I love he etching

Bread and Badger
Herman F.

Beautiful item and wonderful service!

Bread and Badger
Hannah L.

I love love love this mug. It's my new favorite! Very sturdy, high quality, and I really enjoy the design. Worth every penny!

Etched wine glasses

Crafty Wonderland on NE Alberta in Portland recommended BnB for etched stemless wine glasses as a gift. These were great option to help us keep track of who’s drink is who’s while supporting a local artist. She was remarkably quick and accommodating in getting the order ready. I plan to get more glasses in the future from her for myself.

Cute Christmas gift

I got a ceramic travel mug for my mom for Christmas and she loved it! The design is so cute and she appreciates that I was able to get something handmade and also dishwasher safe.

So awesome!

Have bought many item from Bread and Badger. Always fun, great quality and wear well. Great customer service!

Bread and Badger
Sierra S.
Love them!!

I have about 10 tumblers from these guys, and they're all fantastic! I've had most of them for several years, and they still look the same as when I first got them. The designs are awesome and unique. Def recommend!!!

Amazing quality & shipping!

I’m a diehard mug freak and love a quality mug. Originally I bought two to give as Christmas gifts, they shipped the next day and I had them super fast. I was so impressed by the quality I shipped two more as gifts for friends. I love that she doesn’t include the price on the packing slip & will write a customized note!

I can’t even describe the quality of the mugs, they are thick and solid.

Awesome Custom Pint Glasses for Christmas


I have owned the Space Cat pint glass for years and love it. Checking out your web site, I found that you do custom designs. So this year I decided to give custom etched pint glasses for Christmas.

With your guidance, I developed multiple designs. When I thought they were ready, you wisely sent mockups. The mockups showed weaknesses in my designs and really opened my eyes on how to approach this project. With this new insight, the designs solidified and the final products look exactly as I had hoped. I am exceedingly pleased with them.

You generously shipped the glasses to various locations across the US. They all arrived safely and to rave reviews.

I give you significant credit for guiding me through the design phase and then doing an amazing job producing the glasses. Working with you was a wonderful part of this process. Your 14 years of experience in doing this really made a difference, you’re the best!


Simple Pleasure

Simple pleasures are what bring joy to life; like waking to fresh brewed coffee served in colorful, creative Bread and Badger mugs!
Designs always bring a smile!

So happy

I'm so happy I stumbled across this business. I was looking for some cute cat glasses and was unable to find what I wanted until I found these. The quality is top notch and they shipped real quick! I was surprised how quickly these arrived from Portland. I will definitely purchase from this seller again.

Awesome gifts!

I love Bread and Badger products and have several myself. So when I saw the current sale, I couldn't resist. Ordered mugs and tumblers for many of my favorite people for the holidays. Not only did I get a good value, but everyone is going to be thrilled with their gift. Thank you for the excellent quality and beautiful designs.

Great Quality, Hand-made Gifts

I was very pleased with my Bread & Badger purchases, and I definitely recommend their products. I think the quality is good, the customer service is great, and the overall experience excellent. Great job, B&B!

Consistently excellent

Every experience I've had with Bread and Badger over the last few years, whether it was receiving their products as a gift or giving them as one, has been stellar. Quick shipping, responsive customer service, and beautiful mugs!!

A mug to fight over

I was to receive a mug as a giveaway for supporting a book launch (thanks, Dr. Michelle!). There was no way of knowing what was coming in the mail. To be honest, I expected a typical white giveaway mug that would get shoved in the back of the cabinet or donated. I was so wrong!!! Instead, I got a beautiful, big a$$ mug from Bread and Badger. It's very high quality and holds a lot of liquid gold (coffee or tea depending on the time of day). I've gifted these mugs to friends and recommend them to clients who need gifts or giveaways for their own promotions. I use Michelle's giveaway mug every damn day. Buy one, buy many - just get 'em.


I ordered two Pitbull mugs as a Thank You to friends that supported me after I lost my cat. They had lost their pitbull a few years back and understood the grief I was undergoing. They have since adopted a new pitbull but I wanted to send them a token of thanks. My friends were moved to tears upon receiving these mugs. This gift has helped them as well as me since knowing that a gift could bring so much comfort and happiness to someone makes the hurt of losing my pet just a tad more bearable. The etched designs will last as long as the mug lasts and will bring smiles for years. THANK YOU!

Great product and great service!

I ordered a really cute mug and it shipped the same day! I was so pleased when I received it. The packaging was really high quality and the mug was exactly as depicted. So great!

Bread and Badger
Debbie G.
I love it!!

I LOVE getting to visit family in Washington, explore new areas & enjoy that beautiful state!
This mug just makes me smile when I see it.
As for the particulars: I like the bright green color & I especially like the base of this mug. It has a bit of a “lip” so I feel it’s very secure when I set it down.

Bread and Badger
Yvonne F.
Loved the mindful mug (that's what I'm calling it)

Bread & Badger mugs are always cute and well made (this is my second B&B mug) but the mindful mug is just what the doctor ordered for the "Time of Covid-19". My anxiety has been through the roof due to financial constraints on my business as well as the stress of feeling disconnected from family and friends. I love this mug more than words can describe. I think I just may marry it ;)