Are They Dishwasher- and Microwave-Safe?

Are Your Products Dishwasher- and Microwave-Safe?

Yes! All our glassware and ceramics are food-safe, and can be washed in a dishwasher, even sanitized! The design will never fade, wear, permanently stain, or scratch.

dishwasher-safe mugs and glasses

We recommend hand-washing silicone travel lids in case of warping, but occasional dish-washing on a normal cycle should be fine.

All of our ceramics are microwave-safe as well, and shouldn't get any hotter than any other microwave-safe cups. 

Our metal cups should definitely not go in a microwave (yikes!), but they are dishwasher-safe.

Even the highest quality sublimated or screen printed graphics will wear or scratch off of a cup when washed regularly. This is because ink is only stuck to the top surface of the item.

Sandblasting carves deeply, so the design on your favorite mug will always be as crisp and bold as the day you got it, even after many years of dishwasher cleaning!

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