Animal Sticker Collection

Animal Sticker Collection
I'm so excited about our new sticker collection! These decals are made from sturdy indoor/outdoor vinyl, so you can put them on whatever you like. Fancy up your coffee thermos, laptop, or your car window so the world can see your love of cats, dogs, mythical jackalopes, and reading.
Choose between these 6 designs, or get a pack with one of each animal.

The Astronaut Cat is reflective rainbow holographic and will appear different colors at different angles, but each sticker is the same. Here's a video of the moving sticker:

For some reason, the Corgi dog sticker had some printing errors, so it's discounted while this batch lasts. There are a few dark, pixelated lines around some of the white fur areas which weren't meant to print this way. so I'm selling these for only $2. I'm having them reprinted, so the proper version will be added to my site when they arrive.

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