New Narwhal Pint Glasses


The frosty Narwhal joins our unstoppable team of sea critters this month! This mystical arctic beast wants to keep your frosty brew company. Dive in for the perfect friendship!

We recommend you try a Uinta Punk’n in your new Narwhal pint glass:

"Pours an opalescent cognac with a tight creamy head. Light lacing. Delicate fresh pumpkin on a lemony nose, with overtones of caramel, spice and banana. Excellent fresh malt backbone, punctuated with pumpkin muffin and garden freshness. Crisp, clean and refreshingly underwhelming on the heady pumpkin pie notes often experienced by pie in a bottle beers."

Review by Emily Engdahl of PDX Beer Geeks. Find out more at:

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