Mother's Day Super Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and we've got you totally covered in the gift department!

We've got a Mother's Day Gift Guide full of our cutest animals, more feminine themes, and glassware for wine, so shopping will be fast and easy. (Please note that custom items are made-to-order within about a week, so order immediately!)

We're even having a huge clearance sale, where you can get fantastic deals on discontinued drinkware styles.

Want to make your perfect gift even more memorable for the moms in your life? Here are some hot tips to upgrade your gift, from a mom who knows:

  • Hot Mama. Pair a stoneware mug with her favorite hot beverage. Buy cold press coffee if she's modern, or whole beans, ground coffee, or K-cups, depending on her preference. You can sign her up for a tea subscription service like Plum Deluxe. For a treat, get these perfect hot chocolate sticks and homemade marshmallows from Rose City Sweets.



  • Satisfy her sweet tooth. Pinkleton's is the best caramel corn in the world. Buy her a Bread and Badger gift card, and include a bag of this treat, and she will love you forever. My fave is Orange Cardamom Scotch. If you want to skip the popcorn and dive straight into the caramel, One Fork Farm has the best and freshest caramels. Their newest flavor is Velvet Chocolate, featuring Woodblock Chocolate (you may need to email them and ask specifically for it, since it's so new, or buy it at the Portland Saturday Market!).


  • Let her show her true colors. Get her a pair of champagne flutes, and something from the extensive collection of mineral makeup from Shiro Cosmetics, then give her an excuse to dress up. Shiro gets bonus points for their geeky themes and Benedict Cumberbatch line.



  • Booze can't lose. Make her a cocktail kit with all the ingredients for a fun drink. You can make something up (or steal a recipe from my Pinterest board) and name it after her! Want something simpler? Get her some fancy bitters from The Bitter Housewife, and let her play experiment on her own.

Just so ya'll know, we're not associated in any way, shape, or form, with any of the other businesses listed here. We just like them, and think you will too. A few of them are friends of ours, and are very nice people.

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