Introducing: The 20oz MEGA TRAVEL MUG

We've gotten a lot of requests for extra-large travel mugs, since our standard size just isn't big enough for true caffeine addicts, and we totally hear you! Now, you can order any of our standard designs on a Mega 20oz Travel Mug!
The first one of these that we had the pleasure of making went to a customer who gets the concept of BIG. Our Sasquatch (Bigfoot) design seems especially appropriate on one of these monstrous vessels.
These 20 ouncers aren't double-walled like their smaller cousins, so a hefty handle will keep you from hurting your delicate fingers when it's full of hot stuff. A small footprint means it will fit in all your car cupholders--even the ones that are only designed for soda cans!
(Photo send by a happy customer, used with permission.)

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