Customer Story #4: Cheering up a pirate-loving friend

Probably the biggest joy in my work is getting to hear how something I've made is touching the life of someone else. When it's being used as a gift to cheer someone up, my heart expands. Here's one pirate-lover's story:

I have a friend who has had some very tough times this past year.  I decided that a weekend trip to the beach would cheer him up.  Since we have adopted pirate themes over the years, I wanted to do the same with this weekend. I found your pirate mugs online and ordered the navy blue for him and lighter blue for me.  He loved his pirate mug and we used both all weekend.  When it came time to leave, I gave him my mug to take home to use for my visits and other guests.  The smile on his face and the lift to his heart as well as mine were priceless. I cannot thank you enough for getting them to me so quickly.  The quality of the work is fabulous.  Arrrrrgh!
It's obvious to me that you enjoy your work and have the kind of heart it takes to do well.  I also like to designate a hero for the day when someone goes the extra mile for me in some way or fashion.  You definitely made hero status this weekend by your quality work and kind demeanor.  I'm thinking of ordering some more mugs etc. so you haven't heard the last of me.  I will give you the highest review I can so that others can enjoy the same delight of the pirate life.


Glenna is one of those people who has made my day every time we've chatted via email. She placed two separate orders for the two mugs she wanted, so I combined them to save her a bunch on shipping costs. She didn't even expect a refund, which makes her an exceptional customer (though, of course, I sent one anyway!).

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