Fewer Products, Better Choices

Staying in line with the idea that we'd like our products to be packaged smartly and sustainably, we're having to make some tough calls about what we keep in stock. Our home studio is running out of storage space, and we can't afford custom-made boxes for everything we currently offer. This brings us to a few big decisions we've had to make for 2014:

  1. We're only going to keep pint glasses, mugs, travel mugs and rocks glasses in stock.
  2. We need to move into a warehouse.

Don't panic! You'll still be able to request any of our other items with any of our designs on them. It will just take us a little time to get them through our production process. Currently, it takes 2-3 weeks for us to ship out custom requests, but we're working on ways to make that faster. I'm already working on ways to make custom orders easier to purchase.

By keeping only our top-selling cups in stock, it's going to allow us to offer a lot more designs, which is super exciting! It also means we'll be able to focus more attention on wholesale accounts, so that you'll be able to buy our products in your neck of the woods without paying for shipping. Win-win, right?

We're looking into getting a warehouse by this summer so we'll have more room to work and store our wares. Sometime after we settle in, we'll be able to introduce more cup styles again. I can't even tell you some of the secret things we have planned, but they are awesome. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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