Rewards for Being a Great Customer

Earn 12 punches and get a FREE item!

We're phasing out this program, in favor of Bulk Pricing for Everyone. Redeem your rewards now!

We love our customers even more than fresh baked goods, and we want you to feel the love! We're now giving you rewards for buying our products.

Punch Cards

Baker's Dozen Deal:

Buy any 12 items from us, and get the 13th for FREE!

      1. Here's the deal: To earn punches, you buy our stuff. Easy, right? Each item purchased counts as a punch on your card. For example, if you buy 2 pint glasses, a travel mug and a pendant, that counts as 4 punches, even if they weren't all purchased at the same time.
      2. What DOES count toward punches: glassware, coffee mugs, travel mugs, and jewelry, purchased online (even custom orders and gifts you buy for friends and family!).
      3. What DOESN'T count toward punches: Freebies (like the free item in a Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal), merch (like magnets and bottles openers), wholesale orders, and in-person purchases (since we can't track in-person sales, and we give out other sweet deals in person instead).
      4. What can I redeem my 13th punch for? Any etched cup we have in stock! That means any pint glass, juice glass, shot glass, rocks glass, lowball glass, wine glass, champagne flute, coffee mug, or travel mug with a design we currently carry. If it's out of stock, but something we can make again, you're welcome to request it and wait until it's ready to ship.
      5. What CAN'T I get as my free item? Jewelry, custom orders.
      6. I purchased something from you years ago. Does that count? Sorry, but no. Our punch card program takes effect with orders placed after October 22nd, 2013 and will continue until we can't handle it anymore.
      7. How do I redeem my punches and get my free item? Contact us! Since your punches are all based on online purchases, we'll have records of all the items you've bought so you don't have to worry about losing your actual punched cards. You'll need to tell us the name or email address you've made your purchases under, and we'll have to count up all your items for you to verify the punches. If you're sure you've bought 12 qualifying items since 10/22/13, you're welcome to request your free item during checkout without having to contact us first.
      8. Your free item MUST be shipped out with another purchase: It can be included with the last item in your 12 punches (like if you want to buy all 12 at once and get the 13th at the same time, or if you're buying the 11th and 12th together and want the 13th free item too), or you can save your free item to be included in your next purchase. (This is all just because shipping is so gall-darned expensive, we wouldn't be able to afford to give away free items at all if we also had to pay the full shipping prices.) If you really want your free item to ship by itself (like, as a gift or something), we will have to charge you for postage.
      9. International Shipping: Because of the extra-high shipping costs associated with international mail, we may have to charge you a portion of the shipping costs for your free item, even if it's shipping with another order. There are certain weight limits on packages that increase the price dramatically, so we're going to take this on a case-by-case basis to get the best deals for everyone. Please contact us before requesting your free item if you want to know how this will impact your order.

    Disclaimer: We reserve the right to cancel these rewards programs or change the rules at any time, without notice.