Wholesale Ordering Update

I've taken a loooong break from taking wholesale orders, but I'm finally ready to get back into things. Yay! This is a super long email, so hang tight.

Also, I won't ever be joining Faire, so please direct all inquiries to me (Amanda, She/Her). 💁‍♀️


All the designs you see on our website are available for purchase, along with any older designs which have been retired (like the ever-popular "I like it here" states!). Double-sided/wraparound designs are available on select items for a higher price.

Custom Logos

If you've ordered a custom logo from us in the past, then I'll have it on file and we're good to go for reordering.

If you want a new graphic, I will need additional time to prep it, and there will be a $30 set up fee. Please note that not all art is suitable for the sandblasting process, and may require heavy editing to be usable.

Care Instructions

All our products are microwave- and dishwasher-safe. They are meant to be used every day with the most convenience. Our original engravings can't ever wear off, which makes them superior to printed graphics.

Standard Mugs (16oz) in Black, Navy Blue, and Sky Blue; Camp Mug (15oz) in Purple


We no longer source ceramics from China, so all Standard and Camp mug inventory is on clearance. Our wholesale pricing reflects this discount, so stock up while they last!

Handmade ceramics are super expensive, and may have much longer lead-times. My larger designs also take a lot more time and materials, so these will only be discounted up to 40% off our retail prices (which includes free shipping on our website, FYI). I know this is a deal-breaker for many, and I'm sorry!


Our classic barware is made in the USA and should be available immediately in large quantities.

Our new line of 100% recycled glass is made in Spain, and has a very rustic appearance with visible seams, bubbles, and heavy textures.

So far, customers love these rugged tumbler/candle holders, but if you're worried about picky people (like my mom), I'd like to sell you a sample to review first.

 Recycled glass tumbler held in a hand. A sticker on the glass reads, "Hello! I'm made from 100% recycled glass. Do you see my 'imperfections'? They make me perfectly unique."


Sustainability is life! We use sturdy white cardboard gift boxes, tissue paper, and newsprint to individually package each item for safe transit. No plastic or bubble wrap is used.

If you're not reselling (maybe these will be gifts or awards?), then I can omit all packaging and discount 5% for open carton will call orders picked up from our home studio in SE Portland.

Some items can be packed in pairs by request. This is great for designs which go together like the Cat Mushrooms, or new Space Cats.

Each gift box includes our brand sticker and a label with a description of the contents (since we only have cutout window boxes for Standard mugs). Each item with have a label directly affixed which lists its features in a cute way so samples on display will tell their own story. These labels are easily removed by soaking in warm, soapy water, but they won't peel off easily otherwise.

For a minimalist look, I can keep these story labels off the products themselves, and I can send you a printable PDF for your own shelf talker. Just ask!

three handmade engraved goat mugs

How to Order / Terms

Simply email me (hit reply!) with your order so I can send you an invoice to pay securely through my Shopify store. This is the only way to enter bulk pricing.

Payment must be paid in full before I start processing your items, since all bulk orders are made to-order. If you'd prefer to pay by check, I can reserve your items for 3 weeks while payment is processed.

Wholesale/Bulk orders are not eligible for coupons, free shipping, or other discounts unless specifically stated.

Lead Times

Most orders usually take about 2-3 weeks. Recycled glasses and handmade mugs may take longer when I'm low on stock. 

I do not take any wholesale orders from October-December, and processing times may fluctuate without notice.


Contact me directly for current pricing.

Shipping ranges from about $0.50/item if you're in Seattle, to $1.80/item if you're on the East Coast. I'm happy to bill your UPS or Fedex account directly if you prefer.


All orders require a minimum piece count of 12 items, but any styles and designs can be combined.

Extra Discounts

Save on shipping by picking up from us! We offer a 5% discount for will call orders picked up from our home studio in SE Portland if packaging is excluded (only for non-resale orders).

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