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Sharks are Here!

nautical designs new products pint glasses pufferfish rocks glass sharks

Shark Week is upon us, so of course, our newest nautical design is a Great White Shark! This great new summer design is available on pint glasses, lowball glasses, rocks glasses, shot glasses, handled coffee mugs, and travel mugs. Wine glasses and champagne flutes are coming soon!

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Pufferfish Rocks Glasses, the Cute Man Gift

nautical designs new products pufferfish rocks glass

Looking for a fun gift for a whiskey drinking man in your life? Our new puffer fish rocks glasses are the perfect shape for an expensive scotch, or a classy cocktail. Their heavy bottoms make them sturdy and pleasing to hold. They make great stemless wine glasses too, and you won't feel like you're going to shatter them whenever you set one down! These are one of our most popular glasses for groomsmen gifts, and the cute spiny pufferfish will always remind your friends of the beach wedding you had, or the silly summer antics you shared.

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New Puffer Fish Design Available on Mugs and Glassware!

coffee mugs lowball glasses mugs nautical designs new products pint glasses puffer fish pufferfish

This cute pufferfish will tell others that you're a bit spiny before you've had your coffee (or evening cocktail or beer!) Pufferfish Coffee Cups - $20 Pufferfish Travel Mugs - $20 Pufferfish Pint Glasses - $15 Pufferfish Lowball Glasses - $18 Shot glasses, wine glasses and rocks glasses are coming soon!

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