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Customer Stories: Skeleton Key Keystone

Customer Stories mugs

We made a set of custom skeleton key mugs for a customer in December, and got to hear more about them when she came to the studio to pick them up. Every year, Paula's family chooses a theme for their holiday gifts to each other, and this year was "Keystone". She deconstructed the concept a bit, and chose a key design sandblasted onto stoneware mugs, which is both clever, and useful! Now, everyone on her family can feel connected when they drink from their mugs. I'm so excited that we were able to be a part of this family's sweet...

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Introducing: The 20oz MEGA TRAVEL MUG

bigfoot Customer Stories mugs sasquatch travel mugs

INTRODUCING: THE 20oz MEGA TRAVEL MUG! We've gotten a lot of requests for extra-large travel mugs, since our standard size just isn't big enough for true caffeine addicts, and we totally hear you! Now, you can order any of our standard designs on a Mega 20oz Travel Mug! The first one of these that we had the pleasure of making went to a customer who gets the concept of BIG. Our Sasquatch (Bigfoot) design seems especially appropriate on one of these monstrous vessels. These 20 ouncers aren't double-walled like their smaller cousins, so a hefty handle will keep you from...

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Customer Story: Virality Coffee

coffee mugs Customer Stories mugs

A local coffee roaster just opened up shop by the name, Virality Coffee, and we're lucky enough to have been made some great mugs for them. They even have coffee subscriptions, and this great Office Survival Kit which includes one of our mugs!

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Customer Story #6: Perfect Girlfriend Gift

Customer Stories

We got this super adorable photo and message from an Etsy customer the other day, and I had to share! "Thank you guys all the way from the great state of Pennsylvania! I bought your wonderful travel mug for my girlfriend and she couldn't be more pleased with it. I look forward to doing more business with you guys in the future. Keep up the solid work! Grab your own Astro Cat Travel Mug, whether you give it to your girlfriend, or keep it for yourself (I won't tell her!).

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Customer Story #5: Honey Badger + Jeep = Love

Customer Stories honey badger

In June, a customer bought an orange Honey Badger mug from us, and I didn't think twice about it. About a month later, she wrote to say that she'd recently bought a Jeep Wrangler, and was wondering if I could paint the honey badger onto her spare tire cover. Now, a painter I am not, so I declined the offer but gave my blessing to anyone that she could find who could accomplish this crafty task. I eagerly awaited word, and sure enough, she found someone to paint an orange honey badger for her! I love this so much. If...

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