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New Brass Pendant Designs Are Here

bee brass pendants chicken collaboration fox jewelry new products sugar skull

We just got in some new etched brass pendants, made for us by local friend, rubygirl jewelry! Snag one of these honey bees, chickens, foxes, or sugar skulls right away, since we only have 2 of each.

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NEW Bees are Sweet as Honey

bee new products pint glasses

Our new honey bee design is as sweet as the honey in your tea. I've been brewing mead (honey wine) for a long time now, and I can't wait to drink my next batch (made from 15lbs of local blackberry honey) in a bee rocks glass. What will you drink from your bee cup? Mugs: $25 Travel Mugs: $25 Pint Glasses: $18 Rocks Glasses: $18

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