Spring 2022 Design Collection

If you love our classic barware and Farmhouse mugs, we have lots of new designs for you to check out!

Goat Pint Glasses with goats balancing on top of each other, or one baby goat face with the word "GOAT" beneath it


Whether you love goat yoga with baby goats balancing on top of you (or their mama), or you need a gift for someone who's the Greatest Of All Time, these cute farm animals are here for you! 


Hamster Mugs with a cute dwarf hamster face on one side and a fluffy hamster butt on the back


Hamsters have super cute faces--and fluffy butts! I engraved a portrait of our pet dwarf hamster, Kinkajou as a double-sided design.

Glass tumbler with an engraved design of a pair of hands held open, palms up, with poppy flowers growing out of the wrists. There are simple leaf stalks and stars surrounding the hands and flowers. The glass has red wine in it, and sits near Tarot cards, a candle, and a sprig of lavender.

Giving Hands

Give someone a hand when they need it. These giving hands are held out to offer whatever you need and cradle you with love and stability. There are poppy flowers for remembrance, to symbolize consolation, peace, and death.

Black handled mug with a white engraved design of a vicious honey badger holding a distressed snake in its large claws and biting its neck

Honey Badger + Snake

Honey badgers never back down! Inspire yourself every day with this fearless honey badger biting a snake.

a pair of glass tumblers with astronaut cats engraved on them. The cats both have bubbles around their heads, and are surrounded by stars. One is stretched out in a leap, reaching for a star. The other cat is dangling uncomfortably and its eyes are slightly crossed.

Space Cats

Astronaut cats are exploring space, chasing shooting stars and floating in front of the moon. Whether you're looking for celestial adventure, or bumbling through in a daze, these spacey kitties make great cat parent gifts and memorials.


A pair of wine glasses sitting on a table next to a lit beeswax candle. There are graphics engraved on each glass of American badger faces. One is smiling above a pair of crossed baguettes, and the other has a round pretzel roll in its mouth.

Bread + Badgers

These cute American badgers love eating bread! One has a pretzel roll in its mouth, while the other looks like a skull and crossbones with crossed baguettes. Great gifts for bread makers and the carb-obsessed.

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