Shout out from Magpie

I just opened my email today and saw that one of our all-time favorite shops, Magpie, in Somerville, MA was interviewed in Scout Somerville magazine! They even mentioned us and our cups, which was really cool to see.

“One of the things I really like about the store is the relationships you have with the artists,” Sakowski affirms. “I’m at the kids’ store most of the time now … but there’s some artists who we’ve been selling for a decade.” He points to the colorful faux-taxidermy by Horrible Adorables, or Shara Porter’s hand-printed wallets, or Bread and Badger’s sandblasted glass mugs. Local artists who move out of town stay in touch; visiting artists make a point to stop by the shop when they roll through town. “You feel like you know these people in a way,” he adds. “It’s just nice.”

Magpie is one of the very first shops we ever sold our wares at, about 11yrs ago, when I was engraving each item by hand with a rotary tool. I'm so happy to see them win awards for Best Gift Shop and Best Kids Shop.

Read the article here.

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