Rustic Pottery for your Earthy Home

Custom etched rustic mugs

I've been sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for these GORGEOUS mugs to arrive so I can show off their beauty to you. They're even prettier in person!

Rustic Lakeshore Teal mug

These unusual mugs use reactive glazes, which means that the colors shift where they overlap each other during firing in a kiln so no two mugs are the same. There is a range of color shifts within each glaze combo, which I've done my best to represent with sample photos in each listing, so click through to see the variety. There are also some small bubbles, drips, creases, and other features which make these mugs unique, which we don't consider to be flaws.

Mt Hood engraved on a rustic mug

Some of these rustic mugs are very dark, while others are light  blue-gray or tan as the glaze dripped downwards. If you have a color preference, please leave us a note during check out, but keep in mind that each mug is different and we may not have the exact color you're looking for.

Fiery Sunset Red rustic mugs

Select any of our stock designs to be engraved onto these mugs, or a custom graphic or text. Made to-order in just one business day! (Custom graphics and text require a little extra time for stencil creation and set up.)

Rustic Painted Desert mugs

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  • Kate Cannell

    Hello: Looking for a set of rustic mugs which your website says can be engraved.
    Please confirm these are still available. Thank you, Kate

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