Recycled Glass Tumblers + Candle Holders

Celebrate spring with our new collection of home décor! We have three new tumbler shapes made from 100% recycled glass which bring rustic charm to your kitchen or den. 

Glass is made in Spain from 100% recycled glass, so it's eco-friendly as well as beautifully rugged. I sandblast my original graphics onto each versatile cup in my home studio.

Do you enjoy drinking out of jelly jars like an 80's kid? You'll love the shape of these cups with their distinct lips. They double as home décorholding tealights, votives, or pillar candles, and make beautiful vases.

These recycled glasses have a blue-green tint, a slightly wavy texture, creases down the sides, and small bubbles throughout. These are not flaws--these features are their unique character--but they will dismay a perfectionist. 

Check our all our current styles here.

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