New Forest Collection

Mushroom Collection mugs in Forest Collection
Mushroom Collection - Forest Style Mugs


Our new collection of handmade Forest mugs came to life in Kalamazoo, Michigan, by Grayling Ceramics. I sandcarved some of my favorite nature designs through the glaze layer of each mug in my Portland, Oregon studio.

These new mugs have roomy handles and an extra smooth, satiny feel all over. The colors are named Moss, Portabella, and Rain, because they remind me of a spring hike through a lush forest.

Quantities are extremely limited for this new collection, so get yours while they last! Shop all the styles here

Ginkgo Leaves mug in Rain color handmade pottery
Ginkgo Mug - Rain (Blue-Green-Grey)


Snake Mug - Moss Green
Snake Mug - Moss Green


Day + Night Mug - Portabella (Taupe Brown)


Three Sisters Mountain Mug - Rain (Blue-Green-Grey)

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