Good doggies bring good cheer!

Be Memorable: Corgi & Dachshund Mugs and Glassware

Our new Dog Lovers collection has just launched with two new pups, minus the slobbery kisses. These sweet Corgi and Dachshund cups make memorable gifts for dog parents celebrating a birthday, or getting through the loss of a beloved companion.

Our designs are permanently engraved, so they'll never wear away, even after many years of daily use and running through the dishwasher. Don't waste another dollar on cheap cups that will look terrible after awhile and be thrown away. And I know you don't have time for washing things by hand.

Corgi glassware

More dog breeds will be released soon, but you can always order our products with a portrait of your own pet instead, for $60. (Please allow at least a week or two for me to draw your pet, especially during summer vacation.)

Dachshund mugs

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