New Dog Breeds: Pit Bull & Shiba Inu

Pit Bull and Shiba Inu dog pint glasses


Fall in Love with these Sweet Companions

Has your household adopted all the furry companions it can handle? These Pit Bull and Shiba Inu pint glasses make great dog parent gifts, and they won't require any special training or cleaning up after. (They're even dishwasher-safe!)

I know that pet loss is a huge struggle too, and sometimes seeing a portrait of your beloved every day can ease the pain a bit. We can also make a custom portrait of your own pet in our modern simplistic style, for a $60 fee. Contact us for details.

My original terrier portrait is based on a goofy uncut pitbull with floppy ears, to make you feel cheerful every time you see it. The Shiba Inu also looks like its larger floofy cousin, the curly-tailed Akita.

Pit Bull Terrier

Shiba/Akita Inu

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