Margarita Recipe for our Bald Eagle Cocktail Glass

What's better on a hot day like today than a salty margarita? My favorite glass to use is the lowball, since it's easy to salt the rim in a small dish, holds the perfect amount, and there's no delicate stem to accidentally break.⠀

Here's my own basic margarita recipe, which can be dressed up by replacing any or all of the fruit juices (try grapefruit, pineapple, or blended frozen watermelon), or adding some fancy bitters from our pals at Portland Bitters Project and The Bitter Housewife. Fancy flavored salts also bring this classic up a notch.⠀


2oz tequila⠀
1oz orange liqueur ⠀
1oz lime juice⠀
1oz lemon juice⠀
1oz orange juice (optional)⠀

Salt the rim of a lowball glass using a lime wedge and small dish of coarse salt, then add all ingredients to the glass. Add ice and stir. It couldn't be easier! Serve in our new Bald Eagle Cocktail Glass for that extra dose of freedom-feeling.

Bald Eagle lowball glass with whiskey

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