How to Use our Deep Breath Mugs for Meditation

These are trying times for sure, which is why I designed our Deep Breath mugs to be used as a meditation aid. I've found myself having anxiety attacks on the regular, and sleeping really poorly at night, and wanted a little reminder throughout the day that I should take a deep breath.

The spirals and circles on these double-sided mugs are deeply engraved into the glazed surface so you can use them as a tactile guide for slow breathing techniques. Now, I remember to take a few calming breaths (I like square breathing techniques, personally, for resetting my frame of mind), every time I reach for this mug on my desk, or while enjoying some herbal tea before bed.

Watch my video to learn different ways to use these mugs to rediscover your inner calm:

Trace your fingers slowly over the smaller spiral while you breath in, then let it out while you follow the larger spiral. Repeat.

For "square breathing", trace the outer circle of the design with the triangle. Starting at the top dot, move counter-clockwise very slowly while breathing in deeply. At the next dot, hold your breath for the short distance to the bottom dot. Slowly release your breath during the long distance to the third dot. Then hold your empty breath until you reach the top again.

Square breathing is especially helpful when my head needs clearing during a moment of panic or high stress. Any breathing exercise that encourages you to breathe slowly and deliberately could produce a sense of calm well-being. Try out different speeds and techniques to see what works best for you.

Shop our Deep Breath Mugs in a wide variety of colors and styles. A decorative bookmark with techniques is included with each mug.

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  • Signe

    Do the meditation mugs come with a written explanation? I’d love to gift these to people but I want them to know the mugs are more than just beautiful art.

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