Fresh Start

Notice anything different around here?

I've been working non-stop to update our website with a fresh new look for 2018, and add some great new discounts for you.

You should notice that many of our products now have a bulk pricing table that shows the discounts you can receive on your order based on the quantity of items you purchase at once. You can mix and match any items in our shop to get these price breaks! 

I'm adding bulk pricing to just about everything in our store, but the discount will only be active on products that display the bulk pricing table.

That means you could get a pair of pint glasses with different designs, plus a mug and a travel mug to get 10% off everything. 

Wholesale shoppers

You can now get our wholesale pricing right from our regular website listings, instead of going to a special area of our site! You'll need to meet our 24pc minimum to get wholesale pricing, but you can mix and match any items to get there, even stemware (which wasn't available for wholesale until now)! We've removed the Net30 payment option, so you'll need to contact me directly to input your order without paying up front, if you've established Net30 terms already and your account is in good standing.

Buying in bulk, but can't meet our wholesale minimums? That's okay! We now offer 20% off orders of 12 items or more, so you can still get great discounts for your large order, right from our regular shop listings.

Siska family

Discontinued Designs & Free Customization

So many of our designs have been around since we started this business 12 years ago. In order to freshen up the place, I'm retiring a great number of classic designs, so we can make room for new ones with a focus on nature and animal portraits.

You'll notice lots of items now contain the text "Discontinued Design - While Supplies Last" in their description. We will not be restocking these in our shop, and the listings will disappear when they all sell out. I'll add them into their own collection so they're easier to find.

Instead of putting these items on sale, I'm going to offer something new: free customization! Soon, you'll be able to add a line of text to the opposite side of many of these items for free, which is a savings of $16 per item. Contact me now if you just can't wait for this deal and want to reserve your favorites before they disappear.

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