Feeling overwhelmed? We've got a calming solution for you!

Take a Deeeeep Breath... (we can help)

Life is definitely not normal right now. I know that's an understatement, but I don't need to be overly dramatic with you. I'm pretty sure we all have more than enough drama too.

Even though I'm accustomed to working from home every day, I'm definitely not used to having my husband and 8yo son in the house with me AT ALL TIMES. My office doesn't have a door on it and opens into the kitchen, which is central to the house, so we can all pretty much see and hear each other from all the living spaces. Our TV has been broken for two weeks, and we're all fighting over the desktop computer, and who gets to eat the last cookie.

We are super, incredibly fortunate to have all of these things to complain about. We are fed, clothed, and comfortable. And we still have a few rolls of toilet paper.

But sometimes the panic rises anyway, and keeps me awake in the middle of the night. Or I feel paralyzed when I should be working and my fears are running on an endless loop in my mind.

I have found that one of the most reliable ways to get myself out of that loop is to do breathing exercises. A deep breath helps, but taking a series of structured breaths can break me out of my headspace and allow me to start to relax. Do you feel like you need a little reminder to slow down and take a deep breath sometimes too? These mugs are here to help!

Our sandcarved graphics have always been soothing for me to trace my fingers over while holding my favorite cups in my hands. With some thoughtful design work, I created two different graphics for different types of breathing practice. You can choose your favorite of the two, or get one of each engraved onto the mug of your choice. You can feel the graphics even with your eyes closed, so their soothing presence will be with you any time you need to slow down.

Our mugs, as always, are microwavable and dishwasher-safe. The graphics will never wear away, and I like to tell people that the extra-sturdy camp mugs could double as a self-defense weapon if necessary. They are sticking around, is what I'm saying.

Your morning coffee, cup of soup, afternoon cocoa, and evening tea will all be your new reminders to BREATHE. Slow down. This too shall pass. We are in this, together.

I'm taking pre-orders for the Deep Breath mugs now and will ship the first batch on April 8th. Are you ready to feel better?

Pre-order yours now from this page.

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