Farmhouse Mug Care Tips

Coffee Beans pottery mug with dark patina around edges of engraving

This was my favorite handmade Coffee Beans mug in September. You can see where it was showing a bit of patina around the top and bottom of the exposed ceramic areas, which I wasn't totally in love with, so I rubbed a tiny bit of mineral oil across the engraved areas with my fingertips. This darkened up the red clay all over, and it still looks nice and even 4 months later, after near-daily running through a dishwasher!

If your Farmhouse mug is looking a little dry in the middle too, I recommend trying this out at home. Wash normally afterward with dish soap or in a machine, and it should continue to look brand new for a good long time.

Have a question about caring for your sandcarved cups? Ask me anything!

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