Enhance Your Houseplants

Houseplant pots with engraved leaves

I'm used to working from home, so I know that periodically sprucing up my space is essential to avoiding burnout. Adding houseplants has had the biggest impact on the way I feel about my home, and choosing decorative pots is just another place my personality gets to shine through.

If you're also a Plant Person (I won't judge your faux foliage), we now have plant pots for you! Our planters have drainage holes built in and come with a saucer for indoor and outdoor use, so you can plant your succulents or tropicals directly into the pot if you like.

Mt Hood engraved planter

Each handmade farmhouse pot is lovingly slip cast before we sandcarve our graphics through the glaze layer. These are completely made in the USA and support two pacific northwest artisans.

Slip cast in Vancouver WA, Sandcarved in Portland OR

Farmhouse planters vary in size and shape, and are designed to completely fit a nursery pot inside them.

  • 4" Pot measures approximately 5"x 5.5"
  • 3" Pot measures approximately 4" x 4.5"

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