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Chicken Travel Mug

Hello, hello!

Do you have a warm beverage handy? I'll wait while you pour something. Need a snack too? It's just great to have time for this little chat with you.

I've been running Bread and Badger for nearly 14 years, and there have been a lot of ups and downs throughout. I've shifted gears a few times, and I finally feel like I'm honing my craft in a satisfying way. Sandblasting was never something I expected to pursue, or even stick with, but it's such a fabulous way to showcase my bold graphics. I've also spent much of this time trying to figure out what makes me feel fulfilled artistically, which was harder than I expected to sort out.

I love cats. I mean, I'm passionate about a lot of things (the environment, social justice, and music are all deeply intertwined with my soul), but creating art featuring felines is where it's at for me right now.

I also love birds. And dogs are good too. And weird, ornate art and architecture. And camping and traveling. And taxidermy. Tattoos. Science. Psychology. I just kind of love learning, and doing things a little bit off the beaten path. Know what I mean?

Fox Travel Mugs

So what's the BIG NEWS I've gathered you here for? Well, I'm ready to go all in with a new, bigger and better graphic style that follows our new cat collection. I'm ready to let go of all our older designs, and move steadily toward a lighthearted future full of spirited and magical creatures. I want my morning cup of coffee to be accompanied by an audacious critter that sets a playful and fearless tone for my day. Are you with me?

I hope you'll stick around for what's next. And whether you do or not, I'm letting you know that I'm retiring more than half of the items on our website so I can work on new graphics. I'm also paring down the cup styles we offer, by completely retiring travel mugs and glassware that isn't top selling (like brandy snifters and stemware).

So what does this mean for you? Well, all retired items are labelled in their title, so you'll know if you can expect something to be restocked or not. There are a ton of clearance items that are discounted quite a bit, and more retired items will be marked down after the holidays (if there are any left) during our annual Spring Cleaning sale.

I'd recommend ordering your favorites ASAP, to make sure you can get them. Some retired designs will be moved to the Made To-Order collection of our site once they're sold out, and the price will go up, but cup styles that we're not stocking will just disappear once they're gone.

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