Bulk Discounts for Everyone

Bulk Discounts for Everyone

Guess what!

We've just added bulk pricing to nearly our entire catalog.

All these items will be discounted 10% off in the shopping cart when you add at least 4 at once. There's a bigger discount for 12 or more items purchased at once (20% off), and wholesale pricing (50% off) is available for any order of 24+ items.

Bulk items do not need to match! 

Any items with bulk pricing displayed will become discounted when enough are in your cart. This means you can mix-and-match your favorite set of stemware, or a collection of mugs for your whole department at work.

Looking for client gifts?

We know there are a lot of service industries (like real estate) that benefit from sending special gifts to clients once they reach a goal (like closing on their first home). Now you can purchase an assortment of our durable housewares with your logo or our stock designs, so you'll always have them on hand for your gift baskets.

Shopping Wholesale?

We just made your job easier! No need for a special log in or secret site, because now you can add any of our stock items to your cart, and as soon as you reach our 24pc. minimum, every eligible item will be discounted automatically for you.

You may also email us with your order, if that's easier for you. If your account is in good standing, you may request Net 30 terms from us via email, since our shopping cart no longer supports this option. Net 30 must by paid by check within 30 days to remain in good standing.

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