Now Available at Rejuvenation!

We are thrilled to announce that Bread and Badger has been chosen--along with other Portland-area artists--to be featured at a trunk show for Rejuvenation (1100 SE Grand Ave., Portland, OR 97214) on November 16th. They like us! They really like us! We had been forced into secrecy until now and it almost killed us. It brings us no pleasure keeping things from you.

As part of the promotion, our holiday Oregon stag mugs (in red and green) and shot glasses will be available at all four West Coast locations (Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and Berkeley) starting Nov 4th! That's today! Shop while supplies last, save on shipping and get out here and let us see your face on November 16th

All of this early holiday planning (and shipping huge orders to a large retailer) has forced our already speeding ship into "Ludicrous Speed" with festive promotions for our famous mustache design, the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday weekend and? Wait for it...Brand. New PACKAGING!

Lovely local, recyclable, easily wrap-able, slap-a-bow-on-that-baby, designed by Amanda PACKAGING! So yeah, tons happening over here.
Locally, you have several options to find our glassware now including Rejuvination Hardware 1100 SE Grand Ave. Otherwise check our website for places to shop Nationally and online.  Happy holiday planning!

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