Curvy or Classic: Cocktail Glass Opinion Poll

Our age-old debate at Badger HQ: Curvy or Classic?

CURVY Rocks Glasses -

Pros: fits nicely in your hand, looks like a stemless wine glass, sort of non-traditional
Cons: It's hard to put stencils on curved glass, so there are more imperfections in the etching, some designs don't work at all, or need to be sized down quite a bit, some giant ice cubes are too big to fit inside

CLASSIC Lowball (Double Old Fashioned) Glasses -

Pros: All designs look fantastic on this glass, giant ice cubes fit easily
Cons: This classic design might not feel as modern or exciting as a rounded glass, it may not be as appealing for wine drinkers

We've been offering both cocktail glass shapes for a long time, but continually wonder if we should discontinue one of them so we can keep our inventory streamlined. Both glasses hold 10oz, and are $18 apiece. What do YOU think?

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