New Design: Sock Monkey

new products pint glasses sock monkey

   Our newest pint glass design is the singing, dancing sock monkey! His happy, squishable face is the perfect companion to a long night of partying and dancing your socks off. We recommend you try a Chimay Premiere Red in your new Sock Monkey pint glass: "Pours a hazy brown. Heavy, dense ivory head with nice lacing, like elegant window curtains. Excellent crisp candied malts, accompanied by sherry, dark fruits & apricot, walking in a fall orchard. Well-balanced full-bodied flavor, with some orange/apple esters. Elegant mouthfeel and long finish." Review by Emily Engdahl of PDX Beer Geeks. Find out more...

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Clearance Sale Just Got Better

clearance hand blown tumblers lowball glasses mustache glass pint glasses rocks glass sale

We're lowered the prices on all clearance items! We've even added our popular Mustache pint glasses to the clearance sale for only $10! Get these amazing deals while they're still available -- once they sell out, these items will be GONE!!

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Travel Mugs Now in Black

coffee mugs new products travel mugs

   Our popular ceramic to-go cups are now available in black! A few java brown ones are still in stock, but they won't be available for much longer. For only $20 each, you can feel good about keeping coffee cup waste out of landfills!

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Astro Cat Glasses Join our Space Force

astrocat lowball glasses new products pint glasses space cat

  Adventure cats explore the depths of the ocean and the vastness outer space!  Our romantic astronauts needed a pet in space, so we sent them a fearless feline to join their adventures. That round bubble helmet looks like an old deep sea diver's suit, so if you'd prefer to think of these kitties as ocean explorers instead, the we're happy with that too! This design is also available on lowball glasses. All three space designs are being retired at the end of this year, so get yours now!

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The Process: ManMadeDIY Interview & Studio Tour

blog press interview press for bread and badger sandblasting process

  One of my favorite blogs to read, ManMadeDIY, did a Q&A with us about our etching process. If you want to learn more about how we do what we do, then check out the full story with lots of pictures:  The Process: Interview and Studio Tour with Bread & Badger, Makers of Manly Etched Pint Glasses  

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